At Spencer and Spencer we specialize in Commercial Interior Design in the Brisbane and Queensland areas.

Our process to every Interior Design project is:

  • Spend time learning about your needs, work methods and aesthetic.
  • Re-use, reconfigure and maximise your current fitout and furniture. (We don’t expect you to throw everything out and start again.)
  • Treat your budget and timeline seriously.
  • Talk with you (not at you), regularly throughout the entire interior design and construction process.
  • Be prompt and efficient – when we say we will do something, we will do it.
  • Be accessible, flexible, approachable, cost effective.
  • And have some fun – it can be daunting but let SPENCER AND SPENCER carry out your office relocation or refurbishment.

We work with some of Brisbane’s best fit-out companies, contractors, tradesman and furniture suppliers, making carrying out your office fitout (be it large or small) a smooth, seamless process. We are a small team of designers who have worked on diverse projects in Brisbane and throughout the world since the 1980’s..

We choose to work closely with a core group of trades and suppliers who share the same passion for high quality workmanship, attention to detail, customer service and design. Our supplier base is forever updating – SPENCER AND SPENCER keep a lookout on the best and newest our industry has to offer.

Working with us is a smooth, seamless process because we encourage a strong, collaborative relationship throughout. It is a relationship of trust in which everyone – the interior designer, the client, the builder, the sub-contractors – are all fully briefed on the scope, budget and timeline of the project.

Email me directly, graeme@spencerandspencer.com.au

Lea Spencer and Graeme Spencer are 2 highly talented individuals who have melded their unique talents to create an amazing tour-de-force in commercial interior design as SPENCER AND SPENCER. They work away from the mainstream of the interior design industry – creating spaces that are unique and personal – choc full of interesting ideas and solutions.

Lea Spencer

I love my life as an Interior Designer. I have forever thrived on a challenge and love to create spaces that work well – look a bit different to what you might expect, but feel amazing.

It’s the very simple things, the tiniest details and those finishing touches, knowing texture and colour and not accepting close enough as good enough.

Graeme and I bounce our ideas around and work closely together in every facet of an interior project – we love our business, developing and creating our interiors together it’s this combination of our talents that make our projects just work.

There’s always, ALWAYS a point where our ideas just click and BOOM!- the project is fabulous.

I live it, breathe it, love it!

Graeme Spencer

I grew up knowing exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Creating interiors, planning space, designing furniture, creating things that work has always been my passion.

Lea and I formed a unique creative interior design team with Spencer and Spencer bringing some amazing eclectic ideas to our individual work.

I have never stopped loving what I do.

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We are a small team of designers who have worked on diverse projects in Brisbane and throughout the world since the 1980’s.

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